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ZeroCash solutions are delivered through the Zizi Platform, the Zizi Platform is a combination of the latest hardware and software components developed  to solve  African challenges. The Zizi platform has been used to deliver solutions for the under-served communities in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The Zizi product offering consists of:

  • Zizi Card
    Zizi card is a powerful card production engine which enables card generation, encoding and personalization of contact, contactless and magnetic stripe cards. Zizi Card operates the latest card printing technology using any of your printer for example: Zebra and Fargo

  • Zizi Pos and Switch
    Zizi POS and Switch Manager is a POS terminal configuration and transaction manager for card and mobile transactions. It enables  the creation, use and delivery of POS channels for various transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, statement and purchases.

  • Zizi Mobile
    Zizi Mobile is the component that drives customized mobile phone based transaction management for clients; whether in ussd, java, or android applications

contactless cards

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